And We’re Off

I’m going to open this with my first day of work. Wait, make that the second because I was sent home my first day of work. Yeah, in the Las Vegas cab world you may or may not work everyday your first few months. So on my second day of work I caught a shift. I was so happy that I was going to make money that day I really wasnt thinking about anything else. I jumped in the cab to do my starting paperwork and hit the road. 

I pull out having no idea where to go, other than “The Strip” and make the decision to drive around for a little bit to figure out what I’m doing.  I make my way out there and hope I don’t get robbed. Yes that was the main thing on my mind while I hunt.  This way of thinking is thanks to the Taxi Authority who just spent two days telling us how dangerous this job is and how if we don’t think – we will be killed.

I make my way off the crazy Strip hoping it will be less overwhelming. I pull into the Hard Rock Hotel and wait for my first ever fare. God damn this is crazy. Here I am letting a perfect stranger into my car and just giving them a ride. All I could hear is my mom say “don’t ever pick someone up you don’t know, they can kill you. Thanks mom. Ok they’re in, now what? Oh yeah, “Where are you going”, I ask. “To the Mardi Gras”, they say and continue on with their business. Ok, the Mardi Gras, hmmm. Where the Fuck is that?  I know it’s on Paradise but where is the question. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to ask and look like an idiot. So off  we go hoping I turned the right way. Oh did I mention that I was shitting myself at this point. Luckily, I got us there without looking like an idiot.

Now the other part of the job I didn’t think of.  I needed to get their money for the fare.  $7.20 I say out loud not sure if that’s how your are supposed to do it.  Bam they hand it over and off they go, leaving me there with cash in my hand and no clue what to do with it. Yea I know that sounds dumb but I really didn’t. I stood there for what felt like 30 mins and analyzed it. Where do i put it? should I hide it? God damn Taxi Authority look what you’ve done to me. So once I decide to just put it in my pocket (what a original idea) I sit there still freaking out. I have cash money, I really have cash that I take home with me. Holy shit!

One down and countless to go. If I only knew what kind of experiences were still to come, I would have called myself a liar. But I got that under my belt and it should get easier from here, right?


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